About Us

 Since JTA has been established in 1975, tunnel construction, maintenance and management have been studied, and JTA have been made much effort for growing techniques about use of underground space with much cooperation of relative organizations and members for the purpose of national land conservation and public welfare. In April 2013, our organization moved to general incorporated association and have been actively working.
 The progress of tunnel technology over the past 40 years has been remarkable. The technological change has been made such as, the standard of mountainous tunnel construction method has been changed from timber lagging method to NATM and urban TBM transition from open type to shield type. During this period, many big projects progressed along with high economic growth. However, at the time of economic change such as oil shocks and collapse of bubble economy, the construction industry was under severe environment unlike other industries. In these times, various tunnel technologies have been developed with the aim of improving construction efficiency, economy, safety, and the environment. And, tunnels in Japan have greatly contributed to the development of infrastructure such as railways, roads, power, communications, water and sewage.
 JTA has been contributed to development of each tunneling technologies while taking advantage of the merit as member of industry-government-academic. In order to meet the expectations to the association, we will continue to be more active while making use of these merits. In addition, we will promote the transmission of technology and the quality improvement of tunnel engineers in japan and international technology exchange as a member of ITA, will make efforts to contribute to construction of safer “tunnel and underground space” and development of maintenance technology.
 We look forward to your continued support of the parties concerned.

Hiroaki Taniguchi