Tunnelling Activities in Japan 2022

Articles will be opened regularly.

01 Construction of a Watertight Tunnel in Consideration of Environmental Protection for Wetland Registered Under the Ramsar Convention - The Hokuriku Shinkansen, the Miyama Tunnel -
02 Breakthrough of a Long Tunnel by Geological Evaluations Combined with Various Types of Forward Exploration - Hokuriku Shinkansen New Hokuriku Tunnel(Okunono Construction Area) -
03 Excavation directly under the main road in an urban area using the mountain tunnelling method with pipe roofing - Kyushu Shinkansen West Kyushu Route, Isahaya Tunnel -
04 Excavation of a Large-Section, Deep shaft Using a Diaphragm Wall and Chemical Grouting
05 Repairing the Pilot Tunnel of the Seikan tunnel Tappi Pilot tunnel Repair Works
06 A large-scale 920-meter-long subway station extension improvement project using the three-dimensional urban planning system
07 Square Element Propulsion Method Applicable to Large-Section Horseshoe Tunnels in in Trenchless Areas of Stations
08 The work of large-scale cross-section expansion of underground station constructed with pneumatic caisson method
09 Construction of a Mountain Tunnel under Obstacle-Spotted Areas on Sandy Ground with Overburden
10 Mountain Tunnel Construction Using ICT
11 Countermeasures against swelling of in-service tunnels using precast inverts
12 Breaking Through the Complex Geological Formations along the Median Tectonic Line with 3D Computerized Construction
13 Overcoming mountain tunnels under strong ground pressure with a round triple support structure
14 ICT construction of a mountain tunnel that obtained Collaborative Safety 2.0 certification
15 Excavation of Phase II Tunnel by Early Cross-Sectional Closure at Distance of 0.85m from In-Service Tunnel …
16 Large-Section Shield Tunnel Excavated Directly Beneath Runway in Service Tokyo International Airport Tunnel
17 Construction of a Large-Scale Composite Box Culvert Encompassing a Complex System of Intertwining Ramps
18 Immersed tunnel in the Tokyo coastal area that shortened the construction period Uminomori Tunnel in Tokyo Port
19 Underground connection to the existing tunnel using a slide hood
20 22.5% uphill electric cable tunnel by mud-pressure shield in composite ground containing weathered granite
21 The construction of a long-distance deep shield passing through central Tokyo
Innovations in Technology
22 Trial Inspection of Finished Dimension by 3D Laser Scanner
23 Inspection of Tunnels Using a Running Vehicle with Tunnel Lining Surface Imaging Technology
24 Tunnel Disaster Prevention Facilities in Tokyo Meropollitan Expressway
25 Development of Next Generation Tunnel Construction System: Remote control Technology for Shotcrete
26 Remote Control Technology for Applying Shotcrete“ T-iROBOTM Remote Shotcreting”
27 Shield construction using AI to improve efficiency and quality - "AI Transform Shield
28 Light-Weight Steel Pipe for Forepiling Made with High-Strength Material“ AGF Tuff & Light”…
29 Development and application of automatic construction system for tunnel-secondary lining
30 Continuous concrete pouring system using extending/retraction-type hose to improve quality and save resources while placing lining concrete in tunnels
31 “A.E.s.SLic” AI Technology that Automatically Evaluates the Surface Quality of Lining Concrete
32 An Automatic Tunnel Lining Concrete Construction Robot System for Practical Use
33 “Spacepack®”: A Tunnel Lining Backfill Grouting Method
34 Automatic Spreading System of Long Waterproof Sheets
35 Measurement System for Groundwater Inflow Rate and Pressure in Advanced Boring ―T-DrillPacker®
36 MOLE-FMR (Field Mixed Reality) & FCM (Field Crack Mapping) ― MR Aided Tunnel Inspection System ―
37 Adopting“ Safety 2.0” to Construction Work
38 Blast Master: The System that Reduces Excess Digging and Makes a Smooth Excavation Surface
39 An On-site batcher plant that automatically controls concrete mixing temperature Smart Batcher Plant ®
General Aspects of Tunneling in Japan
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